Residu Zero Festival is an inspiring event to think, reflect and debate on how to achieve a plausible zero waste future.

Together we will build innovative solutions, accelerate global change towards a zero-waste society and work to create a future well-being society.

Residu Zero will host some of the leading experts and influential voices who are driving an ecosocial transformation in the scientific, social, economic, business, institutional and political spheres of Catalonia, Spain and Europe.

Don´t miss out on it! Residu Zero will be a unique opportunity to connect, generate alliances and share visions of the future with social and environmental organizations, governments, town councils, companies, and citizens. A small step for a big future change. See you there!




Hear the influential voices of those who are currently exploring the Zero Waste challenges in the scientific, social, economic, business, institutional and political fields.



Be part of the solutions and take action together with representatives of the public administration, environmental and social organizations, and the economic sector.


Lab Space

Be inspired in a space prepared to generate interactions with a wide variety of pioneers and innovative projects. See it by yourself.


Artistic Space

A place for artistic and creative expressions. The Artistic Space will also host the celebration of the Rezerø Award’s 6th edition which will end with a concert for the festival’s closure.


Joan Marc Simon

Director of Zero Waste Europe. He has been one of the main voices of Zero Waste in Europe since 2007, radically increasing the visibility and political impact of the movement. He is a regular speaker at many meetings with industry and NGOs, locally and internationally.

Rosa García

Director General of Rezerø and PhD in Sustainability. Expert in the design and development of responsible consumption, waste prevention and circular economy projects. Coordinates the development of regulatory and fiscal proposals in the field of preventive waste management.

Tobias Bielenstein

Director of Public Relations, Sustainability and Communications of Genossenschaft Deutscher Brunnen. Expert in the reuse logistics for beverage containers.

Kaisa Karjalainen

Director of the Mission Zero Academy. After several years of working on the practical aspects of the circular economy ranging from upcycling to circularity strategies, she is now focused on accelerating zero waste services across Europe. Together with a network of mentors, she scales up the most ambitious zero waste certifications to help European cities and businesses to transform the way they operate.

Fynn Hauschke

Policy Officer on Circular Economy and Waste for the European Environmental Bureau (EEB). Europe’s largest network of environmental citizens’ organisations, standing for environmental justice, sustainable development, and participatory democracy.


Closing concert

Socially active artist committed to the environment. He participated in Rezero’s Plastic in Spotlight campaign. He’ll close the Zero Waste Festival with an intimate and very close concert.

Laura Talens

Researcher and head of the “Resource management for a circular economy of the Sostenipra group” research line at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (ICTA-UAB).

Clarissa Moravski

Canadian Clarissa Morawski has almost 30 years of technical, analytical and communication experience in waste minimization policies. In her role as CEO of Reloop (based in Brussels and New York), she has been actively involved in the development of waste and circular economy policies at the European Union level.

Rosaura Serentill

President of the recently created aREca – Association of Recycling Centers and Services of Catalonia – and CEO of the Fundació Banc de Recursos.

Leandro Navarro

UPC professor and co-rapporteur at the UN (ITU-T SG5/Q7) on electronic waste, circular economy and sustainable management of the ICT supply chain.

Tamara Jovićević

Marketing and Creativity Executive. Representing The Chedi Luštica Bay at Residu Zero. She works on implementing and enhancing green initiatives at the hotel, with the hope of not only raising awareness but also putting Luštica Bay and Montenegro on the world map as a green destination.

Nati Yesares

Member of the Board of Directors of AERESS. The organization, with twenty-nine years of experience, represents 42 social entities specialized in waste management through the socio-labor insertion of people in vulnerable situations.

Brenda Chávez

Journalist specializing in sustainability, consumption and culture. She has a degree in journalism and law. She writes in various media such as The Guardian or El Pais. She directs the sustainable consumption section of the Carne Cruda radio program. She has written several books on sustainable consumption.

Isaac Peraire

Director of the Waste Agency of the Government of Catalonia.

Montse Pineda

Born in Barcelona in 1970. Currently feminism secretary of the Department of Equality and Feminism of the Generalitat de Catalunya. She has been working in the social field for thirty years, in the defense of women’s rights, sexual and reproductive rights and dealing with sexist violence.

Imma Mayol

With more than twenty-five years of work experience related to the environment, she now directs the Area of ​​Climate Action and Barcelona Metropolitan Strategic Agenda

Marta Beltrán

Human Biologist with Master’s Degree in Education, Participation and Environmental Communication. She is currently Project Director of Rezero and specializes in the field of the economy for reuse leading pilots such as reWINE and ReuseVanguardProject.

Alejandro Goñi Febrer

President of PIMEC Comerç and the Fishermen’s Guild of Catalonia, Vice President of PIMEC and patron of Rezero. Dedicated to his profession, and firm defender of local trade, of sustainability in all its aspects, committed to the conservation and defense of marine ecosystems.

Margalida Ramis

Environmental activist, graduated in Physics at the UIB (University of the Balearic Islands) and member and spokesperson of the GOB, one of the most active environmental organizations and organizations in the Balearic Islands. She works as a campaign coordinator for the protection of the territory and natural resources.

Nicolas Olea

Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Granada. Expert in the study of the impact of endocrine disruptors on health.

Ethel Eljarrat

Doctor in Chemical Sciences at the University of Barcelona. Scientific researcher and Director of the Institute of Environmental Diagnostics and Water Studies (IDAEA) – (CSIC) in Barcelona.

Dolores Romano

Responsible for chemical substances policy at the European Environment Agency (EEB). She has worked since the nineties in campaigns to prevent pollution and chemical risk in various non-governmental organizations, such as Greenpeace, ECODES, ISTAS or Ecologistes en Acció.

Pilar Chiva Rodríguez

Degree in Chemical Sciences from the University of Barcelona. More than twenty years of professional experience in the Catalan public administration, initially at the Catalan Energy Institute and later at the Catalan Waste Agency, where she has held several positions. She is currently director of the Circular Economy Area.

Maria Suau

Responsible for the environmental area of Fundació Deixalles. Coordinates all reuse workshops (clothing, books, toys, trail, upcycling furniture and sewing workshop). He launched the first authorized WEEE reuse preparation center in the Balearic Islands, as well as the education area for social transformation and responsible consumption. She is also part of the board of directors of AERESS (where he coordinates the textile committee), of Equitables (Comerç Just de les Illes Balears), the Ethical Savings Committee of Caixa Colonya and the Rezero board of trustees.

Victòria Ferrer

Director General of the Recovery Association of Catalonia.

Elena Badia

Part of the Inèdit team in the area of ​​eco-design, business and circular territory. Specialist in eco-innovation, strategy and design of new services, products and business models for the circular economy with experience in textile sector projects in both the home and fashion sectors.

Joan Salabert Loscos

Economist. He is part of the Advisory Board of the Rezero Foundation and works for the Barcelona Metropolitan Area in the implementation of the PREMET25 Metropolitan Program for municipal waste.

Albert Vinyals i Ros

Doctor in consumer psychology and teacher of consumer psychology and neuromarketing at ESCODI and the UAB.

Adriana Espinosa

Responsible for Natural Resources and Waste at Amigos de la Tierra. From the organization she works for a radical change in the paradigm of production and consumption to achieve a model based on social, global and gender justice, where rights humans and environmental protection are above the benefit of a few.

Esther Peñarrubia

PhD Engineer Agronomist lover of historic gardens. Activist disseminating Zero Waste Culture and bicycle mobility since 2015 through more than 400 actions: conferences, workshops, interviews and recordings with public and private entities in Spain, Croatia, the United Kingdom and Switzerland; Translator into Catalan and Spanish of the book “Residu Zero a casa, domestic guide to simplify our life” (Bea Johnson, 2013).

Magui C.

Uso y Reusar was born in 2016 with the mission of accompanying people on the path to a more sustainable life. Both in their zero waste store and on networks, where they make informative content about sustainability and critical consumption.

Lady Avocado

DJ Set

Colombian from Barranquilla, draws on the “picotera” culture of her hometown, where Latin rhythms are frequently fused with African ones. Lover of dance and vinyl, they make their sessions a bomb of flavor.

Miguelito Superstar

DJ Set

After closing the Tony Manero Foundation stage (as one of the founders and singer) he now concentrates on DJ sessions and musical production at his studio Nacion Funk Estudios. We will have the privilege of enjoying a session of his during lunch on Thursday.


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